Listen back to Sheila live on radio

Sheila and Declan

All of the Simply be books are available to purchase online at Amazon and generally worldwide.They contain cheerful thoughts for every day of each season to ease you into your day or to help you fall into slumber.

Sheila was recently in studio with Declan Meehan chatting about her latest publication Simply be-Winter and you can listen back here.  If you missed the other interviews you can hear the  Simply be-Autumn  full interview here, Simply be-Summer listen back on this link. Last Spring  Sheila was in studio chatting about Simply be-Spring,  and it is available on The Morning Show right here.

Her blogs are short, simple yet strangely addictive. Simply be is a voyage, I hope you enjoy yours.

Sheila facilitates workshops,speaks at events, talks to writer’s groups and book clubs.

Thanks for visiting!



  1. beautiful words and thought for today was.. what you think you are. this helps me get through my day feeling a little better about myself.


  2. Hi rita,
    thanks for your kind words, it is lovely to know that you are enjoying the blogs. Hope you keep on visiting!


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