The story of Sheila…………

I grew up in South Dublin, Ireland in a quiet village where on my road almost no one lived and there was almost nothing on television for children.  My brother and I used to go to our local library  and the second hand book shop whenever we could and even ran our own lending library. As children we had our own comic which we used to sell to family and friends. We made copies with carbon paper that our Dad brought home from work. (There was no photocopier!).

As I grew I loved to read and write and I had less and less time. In later years when I had three small children and one big one  I found that my whole life seemed to be about them and making sure everyone’s needs were met, sometimes before mine.  I started to write again. I wrote down thoughts and ideas to make my life simple once more, to make it all make sense. As time went by I realised I had quite a few and my book was born.

Simply be- The four seasons is a series of non-fiction day books mapping out the three months of each season in a friendly relaxing and thoughtful way. It is written by an Irish woman with four children a gadget loving husband and an intensely busy lifestyle. This book brings calm, beauty, love and reflection into a 21st Century lifestyle.

If you would like to hear more about the books go over to  East Coast FM , or join us on facebook.    Simply be- Spring  is available everywhere, give it a look and check out the trailer. There is more to come as Simply be- Summer was  launched recently and is available worldwide click here for a snapshot of the launch night. Simply be-Autumn went on general release this weekend.

Watch this space- we can all get a little peace, we deserve a lot more.

Thanks for looking, Sheila`Simply be-Autumn cover

Simply be Spring



  1. Loving your writing style Sheila…simply lovely!


    • Thank you so much, I am delighted you are enjoying it


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