Posted by: Sheila | April 27, 2015

Spring- Cold but bright

It is the summer term and those of us with school going children are enjoying the piece of silence if we are at home or peace of mind if we are in the office as they are safely tucked up in school today.

When I was a girl we had a summer uniform, a gingham dress with blue and white squares. When we popped it on we knew it was summer even though the breeze might be blowing a gale at our coastal school. Soon after I began they abandoned the summer attire and we ploughed through summer with blazers, jumpers, tunics, shirts,ties and grey socks always pulled up to the knee. (White for special occasions only.)

In my children’s school it is activity week this week and every few minutes they will jump  up and do a physical activity. This morning they all left the house in their school tracksuits. School seems generally speaking to be much more cheerful than way back then. As we walked down the road and as I balanced a birthday cake they planned what they would wear on Friday as they have to dress as their favourite sportsperson.  We used to get fined 10 pence if our top button wasn’t  closed!!

So many situations seem to pass on from generation to generation and not always in a good way. School days (certainly in our country school) will I think foster many happy memories while they get a great education, that balance at least has finally been reached.


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