Posted by: Sheila | January 31, 2015

Springing into action

Let the light shine through

It is hard to believe that we have almost survived another Irish winter. More than once we have been told of the possibility of snow. Yet here in Wicklow by the coast we have somehow escaped the worst of it and still have no reason to pluck out those snow grips and tackle a snowy day.

All around there are signs of life. Bulbs I forgot I had planted are peeping up out of the ground. The brighter mornings bringing with them layers of dust to places happily undisturbed in the recent darker days.   When the mornings are dark and cold in January it can be tough to keep going. Tough to keep a smile on your face and live in the now. I think this is the time we need to do just that.

The end of January means for most of us that we are awakening from a dreamlike state. When the sky is dark and the weather is cold and the Christmas break is just over it is difficult to plan and dream. Still  now as the mornings are getting brighter and we have returned to our rhythm we can fully get in our stride again.

Curling up and nourishing ourselves is important in its own time but getting out there and living matters too. I have decided to drag out my walking gear and locate my headphones. I find the start of February so much easier to face than a new year. It is the first season and for me the start of my year, weeding, walking and planting plants as I dream, lost in the moment and  so content with the rhythm of life.



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