Posted by: Sheila | December 13, 2014

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” Henry David Thoreau


These words ring so truly  for me with less than two weeks to Christmas and I have only recently got around to posting a selection of the photographs from the “Simply be-Winter” launch night. I have been busy living probably not as simply as I could as the mild panic of Christmas is looming fast.

The cards are gathering on the mantelpiece and the lists are growing. Time moves faster when we are busy and even though there is almost two weeks left it feels like tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Time to cut back on all non essential tasks in order to appreciate the people, the atmosphere and the beauty in it all.

Its only two degrees here today and you can almost smell the snow.  The children are hoping and praying for just one snow day, I am hoping and praying that I have the food in and the presents bought before we become snow bound. I live on a hill and once the ice arrives long walks with shopping are the stuff of dreams. If I am snowbound I will be reflecting on a  remarkable year so completely unexpected and enjoying the peace of a unavoidable holiday.

Our last big snow four years ago my children learned chess and hiked to the shops and built snowman and missed two full weeks of school. We will always remember it with love. Snow or not this year is special too and even if I have to make my own snow I am determined to capture the wonderful spirit of the season.  Take care, don’t panic and use loads of readymade supplies. This time is all about the people. xx



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