Posted by: Sheila | October 25, 2014

A time to read………………

September with its late blooms and falling leaves was marked by Simply be Autumn hitting our shelves and here is the trailer which includes some excerpts of the new book. It is available everywhere and if you purchase it from the Book Depository link you get free delivery which is always nice.

Simply Be Autumn Reading from Scope Media on Vimeo.

The weeks are flying by and I cannot believe in a few days it will be Halloween.  Here in Ireland in the autumn it was strangely mild so  when someone posted a photograph of a Christmas tree in a country hotel I was shocked to realise it is two months to the big day. With that in mind it won’t be long until “Simply be-Winter” is out on the bookshelves, launching towards the end of November in the award winning Bridge Street Books, bookshop, more details soon.

Autumn has been a strange season for me and quite unexpected. I was off the road for some weeks and so thrown into simplicity whether I liked it or not.  Being an active person always on the go it was a true lesson in life having to slow down somewhat as I nursed some injuries from a car accident. ( I am happy to say I am well on the mend now though the car wasn’t that lucky.)

Anyway  I asked the other half to go down to go down to the library and get me out a new book to read to distract me from a broken dishwasher and the written off  car and whatever else. I had heard” Elizabeth is missing”  written by first time author Emma Healey   was a wonderful read. It is all about Maud who is struggling as she descents into dementia and it is part mystery, part thriller and very engaging. Off he went and  on arrival at the library asked for some book about the queen and came home with  The Queen and I by Sue Townsend which turned out to be a great humorous read.

While I waited for the library to locate my original book I embarked on Behind Every Cloud written by  the author Samantha O Flanagan that she had so kindly posted to me. It is a non fiction book written by a girl who is an award winning blogger and diagnosed with Bi Polar. Everyone of us experiences tough times in life and Samantha’s book is a rare insight into how she manages her illness around her busy existence. It is a wonderfully positive story and so interesting. The sort of book you would read in a day or two as it is hard to put down. I highly recommend it. Incidentally I finally did get to read Emma Healey’s book and it did not disappoint.

Finally I just have to mention Woman’s Way Ireland’s top woman’s weekly magazine who have a  competition this week to win copies of “Simply be-Autumn”. So if you are feeling lucky why not enter and if you are not its a great read anyway.

Enjoy the long weekend and make sure to change your clock tonight,

Sheila x



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