Posted by: Sheila | September 6, 2014





If you have any trees near you their leaves are now starting to cover the paths. At home, the wind is blowing around the roads and whistling up to the sky. It is time to pull out that jacket or coat again. It is time to reduce the spread of bottled tan, to turn on the heating. It is time to cut back the garden, one final time for this year. Time to realise that the longer, lingering summer days are drawing to a close and though it feels like an Indian summer, the days are getting shorter, timetables are being written up and it is back to the grindstone for most of us.

Autumn brings with it great colour, burnt oranges, reds, browns and beige’s. I wish I could paint a beautiful picture of it on canvas instead I must be content with soaking it up every morning as I fulfil my daily routines.

Some of us use this time to skip off to warmer climates and hibernate. But for most of us autumn is a reflection of summer and a preparation for winter. It is a time to snuggle up under duvets, time to wrap up well and take long walks up hills and through forests.

It can be chilly but not freezing. A warm jacket, hat and solid footwear remains enough to brave the elements, feel the wind in our hair and across our face. Look out over a beautiful view or even just watch the sun set.

Every season brings its own gift and autumn is no exception. Longer evenings, time to look over holiday photos taken, plan holidays for the future. Chat for hours with friends and family in dimly lit settings with oodles of atmosphere.

This month shows the shift from sandals and tee shirts to sweaters and trousers. Embrace change. Snuggle up in your warm clothes. Feel the comfort of autumn and look forward to a few months of snugly nurture time, which is well deserved.

This is an extract from “Simply be-Autumn” out now worldwide. Listen here to Sheila in conversation with Declan Meehan of East Coast FM. Sheila will be reading from her new book this Sunday 7th September in Michaella’s café, All are welcome.



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