Posted by: Sheila | August 12, 2014

Measuring up


Sunflowers and Pumpkins


Recently having finished editing  “Simply be-Autumn” (though hopefully we have lots of summer left) as I danced around my kitchen to Billy Bragg I was transported back to a time when the summer seemed longer and the days unfolded like a mystery waiting to be experienced. Music, favourite books other than traditions  all serve to mark the chapters in our lives. Sometimes it can be hard to start or finish a chapter if it is too good or too bad yet conclude we must as there is invariably more ahead. As I release Simply be-Autumn into the earth I step back in time to leg warmers, black nail varnish, lace and all sorts of eighties essentials. The clothes come and go but words and music have no fear of time. When my finger hits the play button it could be my record player, ipod or youtube, I could be fourteen or forty it makes no difference. Some musicians are worthy to stand the test of time, Billy Bragg is one of them. I will get to do this dance one last time for Simply be-Winter and dare to dream that one day I may receive even a dot of his recognition.

Simply be-Summer and Simply be-Spring are  out now on sale in all good bookshops or click on the names to buy online



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