Posted by: Sheila | June 3, 2014

Five steps to a simpler life


1. Include at least fifteen minutes of free time into your day

The other week on the school run we spotted a beautiful horse still donning his night blanket running for freedom on the footpath as we drove by. A blonde in a jeep was in hot pursuit and the horse was wining. We all willed the horse on he looked so happy and liberated. He was running as if his life depended on it. I think we have all had times when we felt like running free.

It must have been the week for it because on Sunday morning we met a chicken and yes you have guessed it unbelievably she was crossing the road all alone and looking very happy. She too had had enough and was breaking out at least for a little while.

Fifteen minutes without radio television, computer, smartphone or land-line is a breath of fresh air, even if you don’t leave your desk and run for your life.

 3. Give what you want to get

When we sit at home and are sad that we have no friends we get no friends.  When we get out and meet people and are friendly then people are drawn to us. The same goes for everything else, we get what we give.   Just be careful that you want it because you will get it!

4. Learn to say no

To have a simple life we must stop being there just for everyone else and be here for us too. Learning to say no is hard and takes time however it is worth it. If we do what we love and love what we do life is simpler and happier all round. Saying yes to everything spreads us all too thin.   Saying yes to yourself means you will make time to get stuff done that you love and have been putting off for ages.

5. Choose what matters and ignore the rest

A huge amount of life is spent filling out forms and signing our names. Another chunk is immersed in bills and banks. Let’s try and keep these to a minimum and concentrate on who we are and what we want. Abandoning paper bills is a good start to this so that we can actually start again to look forward to the post as we did years ago.

Abandoning paper bills will also free up space in the home. When we choose what matters at home and dump the rest, space is freed up and life becomes simpler. Even if it means objects are just simpler to find. So remove unnecessary paperwork, old bills and catalogues that crept in via your letter box.

For more ideas get my new non-fiction  book Simply be-Summer  available at all good bookshops or just click on the title for immediate delivery. There is a new thought for every day.


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