Posted by: Sheila | March 22, 2014

Free book anyone?

Simply be-Spring

When I was a child I was excited when I got free stickers at exhibitions. Stickers were so exciting the bigger the better.  Stickers it turns out are very last century and Taco Bell knows it. This week they launched a campaign where they posted 1,000 free Samsung phones to random customers.   Each super fan received their phone this week along with orders to wait for further instructions.  They never know when the phone will ring or what they will be asked to do.  It is all very “Mission impossible”. Those who are successful in their missions might win items as exciting as free Taco Bell breakfast for a year, shirts or even hoodies. The fun kicks off on March 27th and they await further instructions.

Other trends have overtaken the media this week. Not least of these are the no-makeup selfie which now has moved on to the preciously untouched men of the world.  I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I flicked on Facebook and I was met with a photo of a radio DJ in  full make up being compared to a character on a television soap opera. The power of the social media is incredible. Yesterday The Irish Cancer Society had made Euro500,00 from the photographs  and their marketing department  had stated they had nothing to do with the craze, it just went viral. It is a far cry from a bucket under your nose and once again a sticker, though amazingly this is still widespread.

I must admit I sometimes miss the simplicity of the old world. This is a world where you read a book and if you liked it you bought
another. You told a friend it was interesting and you moved on. Now Amazon have a problem with bored people who put up fake reviews of books they may never have read just  to rub out the competition. It’s a sad day in technology when authors have to campaign to get a real review. In any case it appears over half of the books have not even been read. The BBC has  released a list of 100 books and they reckon the average person has only read 6!  Don’t worry if some of them have  passed you by they are nearly all out in film so it is simple enough to catch up.

For my part, I am all out of shirts and hoodies mind you I am giving away a free copy of my new book “Simply be-Spring” and to be in with a chance of wining it all you  need to do is to come along to my author reading next Saturday at Michaella’s. The fun kicks off at 4pm. Now get clicking and remember if you have read more than 6 books you are above average and the required reading in school would nearly cover that. I am starting to feel quite smart already!



  1. I read twelve books out of one hundred books! I can’t wait to go to the author reading!


    • Hi Aaron,
      Excellent score for a young man, I imagine the numbers will keep on rising, thanks for the comment

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  2. I’m in the middle of marketing for my next release. My publicist is a diamond and I have the backing of a few fans but it’s still so difficult to spread word.

    There are trolls on Amazon. What worries me about certain authors pushing this campagin is their reputation for hounding genuine reviewers of reviews they just didn’t like. That’s a line authors shouldn’t cross.

    My number for the list is in the seventies. 🙂 Not suprising since books are my thing. Lol.

    Best of luck with your public appearance.

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    • Hi Carol,
      what a great score, I got 46 so I am happy enough, I think I have seen most of the rest in movies but I know that doesn’t count! I know what you mean about the reviews and I agree that all genuine ones need to be left alone, even if they are not complimentary. Best of luck with your new release, my new book is launching in Early May so I will be back on the marketing trail then too. Thanks for the comment


  3. I loved getting free stickers too – especially at the Dublin Motor Show. 🙂

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    • Some of my favourite memories involve a plastic bag, leaflets, an exhibition hall and way too many stickers, thanks for the comment


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