Posted by: Sheila | March 12, 2014

By the skin of my teeth…….

by the skin of my teeth

We made it through February and not a sign of snow. All the work I put into swooping on those foot grips last March in the sales seems to have been in vain. But a sale is a sale and for me there is no avoiding it.  The other morning the frost was heavy on the path and I contemplated popping them on (to get the value) but thankfully it was explained to me that I would then skid into oblivion. Instead I stalled my walk for a couple of hours and returned the grips to the porch. I bet we all have vital acquisitions  we never use. My purchases include boots that I cannot even get my heel into, I hope some day to develop skinny feet!

It is not the first near miss I have had. Earlier today I slipped on a drain cover as it had been raining and only for my son’s arm to save me  I would have been badly hurt. Still far more interesting would be the times I ripped my leggings on a nail in a bathroom at a friend’s house or split my dress in the office leaning over a desk!

None of these were life threatening or even dangerous but memorable for me none the less.  However they do not rate beside the serious issues facing some of our women around the world. We had International Women’s day at the weekend and a one woman show called Fabulous-females had been running last week in The Leprechaun Museum. It was showcasing the forgotten female legends  of our country and taking a break from  great male warriors such as Fionn McCumhaill, Cúchulainn and Oisín. I so wanted to see it, but apparently we all did and it was booked out. Everyone wanted to meet the women who were erased from history and put down as assistants to the so called true heroes.

Still not to worry, my world is surrounded by amazing ladies, I don’t have to look too far.  Ladies quietly working away at home and away helping to make the world a better place. I know the true heroes. I pass them in the street, stand behind them in the queues and see them at the stores where electronics are sold.   We may not read about them in school text books or talk about them at dinner but inside we know how the real work is done and without women it just would not work.

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