Posted by: Sheila | March 3, 2014

Tales of the unexpected


I remember years ago staring at Roald Dahl as he peered out from our Ferguson Colourstar in the corner of our breakfast room. On top of the television there sat a wooden lamp which was an elephant. (Elephants bring good luck apparently.) Not so much luck for the people on Roald Dahl’s television shows Tales of the unexpected  where horror and quirkiness collide and generally we are left pondering someone’s demise. Time moves strangely in these episodes slowing down while we tense up.

Time too moves strangely in some of our best loved books. I am reminded straight away of  The Chronicles of Narnia where you can travel to another time and become royalty and still be home in time for tea. A great favourite of mine as a child was and still is Jane’s Adventures in and out of the book. Jane Charlington falls into a huge book in a haunted section of her family’s castle and the fun begins.  Next what about Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce. This time lonely Tom has to wait until the clock strikes 13 in the dead of night and then he can inhabit a world long lost and play with a new friend called Hatty. I recently read this over again and it stands the test of time. What books have you read that play around with time? Did you enjoy any good ones as a child?


Time here in my kitchen moves strangely too.  As I sit and watch a blue tit mother fly in and out of the bird box feeding her young minutes move like seconds and I wonder where the time is going. But earlier today when I queued in the post office those fifteen customers in front of me felt like an eternity.

Next Thursday is World Book Day and the children in our local school will get to cast off their uniforms and became a character in a book they love. Their stories will get to come alive for a day, time will stand still and electronics for once will be forgotten.

If you fancy a new book to read for March head over to and enter their free prize draw. There are five copies of “Simply be- Spring” up for grabs.  It doesn’t have any horror but there is definitely quirkiness.


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