Posted by: Sheila | February 23, 2014



Sammy the seal

Apparently I love broken objects; I have no idea what it is all about. Maybe I feel sorry for them abandoned on the shelf or more likely I love the impurity of them. The cracks and dents remind me of life, which is never perfect.  Invariably in supermarkets I am drawn to the battered tin which I have since learned is not a good habit. This is a routine I am working on breaking. They say it takes six weeks to make or break a habit.  Six weeks which will get you almost half-way through the #100happydays challenge. I have just started the challenge over on Twitter and I am curious to see if it actually works. Apparently focusing on something happy everyday makes a real difference to our mood. It is true that worrying about one item I have no control over encroaches on my time so hopefully the opposite is also a fact.

A great example of positive thinking taken to a new level is Costa Rica , a country in Central America which became independent from Spain several hundred years ago.  The interesting point about this country is that it is one of the few sovereign nations without an army as it was disbanded in 1949. Even so Costa Rica has been ranked first in The Happy Planet index  in 2009 and again in 2012 and is one of the most stable and enlightened countries in Latin America.  So positive thinking clearly works for them. Maybe we ought to follow their example.

Do you know what makes you happy?  It is raining here today but I am heading out to meet our resident seal who lives opposite the local fish shop. When I am looking at his little face and his whiskers bobbing up and down in the water what is not to love. In that moment I always feel happy.

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