Posted by: Sheila | February 14, 2014

There is no place like home…

14th Feb

On this international day of love it means so many different things to different people. While I stared out my window on Wednesday night it reminded me of the cyclone scene in the Wizard of Oz. As I gazed out from the upstairs bedroom contents of gardens rushed up the hill with great urgency and tress blew as everything banged with a serious fury. I had completed my daily walk earlier fighting a strong wind and battling through a hail storm feeling puddles in my runners. I felt like I had finished a marathon at the end of a mere 45 minute walk. Strangely though some people love these extreme weather conditions as long as they do not become the tragic disasters we have seen all over our island this week.

For some working in an office or even just in a suit with heating and appliances to hand feels like they are not fully alive. Some yearn for the power of the earth the strength of the storm, the battle (though short-lived) through snow with rucksack on back to claim bread, milk and the basics, the feeling of the hunter.  I am reading  Fire Island by Philip Connors a man who though happily married is also delighted to spend the summer season working as a look out in the Glia National Forest, New Mexico. Alone in a watch tower with only his dog for company, telling tales of camp outs and bear encounters, a far cry from his desk job in New York City.

What one man loves another can find repulsive, love is a mystery most of the time. What do you love? I love the sounds of waves thrashing against the shore, the sound of the chimes as my other half enters our house, the click of the kettle. Love is an overused word but you know when you have it be it dog, cat, book, lover or friend.

On the other hand  with my torch at the ready I am like Dorothy just wanting to click my heels and say there is no place like home, there is no place, there is no place like home.  I know I am blessed to have it.

My book Simply be-Spring is available from The village bookshop Greystones and  Bridge Street Books, Wicklow and on line at and . If you fancy free delivery then visit The Book Depository to order.



  1. Just ordered a copy yesterday!


    • When you have read the book Fin, I would be delighted to hear your comments and observations, Amazon, Goodreads and the rest are always short of reviews! Thanks for the support.


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