Posted by: Sheila | February 7, 2014

To ebook or not to ebook that is the question

I have just finished reading “The things we know now” by Catherine Dunne, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Some of it was quite hard to read as it was a tragic story all too often played out in real life. Even with all the technology I love the feel and texture of a real book. I carried the book around the  house for the last few days like a  handbag full of money terrified that anyone would get their hands on it and I might loose my place. I see the advantages of a Kobo or a Kindle especially when travelling but if I love a book I love to own that book and to make it ingrained in the tapestry of my life. My reading history can be told through my adulthood by following  your fingers along my bookshelves.

When ebooks came out first for schools I imagined how handy and cost effective this would be and how much lighter the school bags. How wrong I was. It turns out ebooks for school cost the same as paper ones and workbooks are still needed. And here is the awful final kick-When your exams are finished the ebooks are no longer available to you. It is game over. No chance of taking Soundings out of the bookshelf to reference a familiar poem or read your note margins.

For every book I have read I have written my name the date and where I was when I read it. I use postcards of that year as bookmarks, the kindle cannot give me that.  On the other side bookcases are creeping around my home like ivy so I probably will eventually have to bite my lip and go digital.  I will miss it though. The cup stained cover, the name, the place but I will find a new way to mark time and I don’t think I will ever use a  virtual library.

My book Simply be-Spring is available from The village bookshop Greystones and  Bridge Street Books, Wicklow and on line at and to mention but a few.


  1. I have been converted to using a kindle app because I don’t have to wait to get a book when I need something new to read….but if it is a book that I expect to reread many times, or dip into regularly, I still like to have the real thing. And my bookshelves are overflowing too…

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  2. There is always that space versus software space issue all right! The bookshelves are strained here too…..!


  3. Thanks for the comments, its interesting we are all much the same then, I can see myself caving in to the convenience shortly as waiting to get books is annoying.


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