Posted by: Sheila | January 29, 2014

Simply be- Spring the book out now

I started the New Year with good enthusiasm making writing tasks for each day in big writing, making shopping and children’s appointments in smaller writing, making housework even smaller and not even listing dinner!

I am known for my lists on posits, envelopes, any paper I can get my hands on. The plan is working well in that the small lettered notes are largely ignored but I am not doing enough of what I love. As a Mum inserting writing into a chaotic day and hoping for the best is either very brave or very stupid.  I also want to walk. It clears my head. Do you find that? What clears your head?

Does trying to cram a peaceful pursuit into your day reduce you to a paper pulp? I hope not. Whilst ignoring a heaving draining board and two full machines my first publication Simply be Spring is finally ready for you. I hope you enjoy it and there is more to come, just as soon as I tidy the fridge!

Simply be Spring will be available in the coming weeks at all good bookshops, preview copies are however  now available in Bridge Street Books, Wicklow Town if you are lucky enough to live nearby.  Dip in and soak up the Spring, it has been a long Winter.

Simply be Spring


  1. Congrats! Is it going to be available online?


  2. Congrats! Will it be available online?


    • Simply be-Spring will be available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all the usual booksellers, later on it may also be available to download if that is what you mean. At the moment it is travelling through cyberspace. I will post an update once it is available for general release. Thanks for your interest.


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