Posted by: Sheila | February 12, 2009

Express yourself





  1. expression is absolutely the first thing to accepting thee inner self with a positive attitude. think for yourself and only yourself….


    • well said, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, really appreciate it.


  2. well, expression makes a person who they are inside and outside……what makes it hard for a person to accept is others differences because my experience if i may share it which i will, is thta they want what thee other person wants and usually expression is hard to express! people should really look inside themselves and begin to notice that they have differences too……this is why when we do vent like in your blogg it is so hard to agree with what we vent with…..i love your blogg and it really touched me and it is interestingly interesting……


  3. fascinating take on it and very true, thanks for sharing your insights.


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