Posted by: Sheila | January 31, 2009

On hospital



I know sometimes you are just so sick that you have to go to hospital. But every time that I am there I am reminded how lucky I am that I am not there more.

Not just because there are signs up about superbugs and stolen handbags or because the floor may be sticky and the air-conditioning is on full.

Mostly it is the people. As I entered the children’s area casualty today with our sick child I was met with one after another, men on trolleys. Three corridors full of them. Sometimes it was difficult to tell what was wrong with them, with others it was obvious.

Nonetheless, they all had two things in common. Sad eyes and a gear bag of personal effects under their pillow. Safe hopefully from the busy thieves that were mentioned on another poster.

When I was a child we used to visit the old and sick in hospital wards. It was our good deed. Just to have a chat and break up the monotony of their day.

Today, it is so much worse. Their loss of dignity, their desolation, their feeling of being forgotten. Thirty odd men in 2009 lined up with tubes and respirators waiting to be rescued. Stranded on the corridors of the children’s casualty.

It made me think: I am very lucky. I have my average health. It made me think. I would complain to a local Member of Parliament. It made me think. I will continue to be grateful.


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