Posted by: Sheila | January 30, 2009

On your anchor



If you are female and reading this blog, then in your life you are the anchor. It doesn’t matter if there are two of you and two cats or eight of you. It especially matters if you live on your own. The girl /woman/mother/wife is generally the anchor: if she is all right the home runs well.

See your home life like a small business. The adults/parents are the chief executives/managing directors. If the boss is happy then so all is well. The mammy often does all the little things (time consuming things!) that the others generally don’t even think about being done: like changing the toilet roll and sweeping the kitchen floor.

With that in mind make sure you take good care of yourself because you are prone to being there for all the family and leaving little time for yourself. Say no often. And give yourself loads of space. A well rested happy anchor makes the best decisions and makes the best woman. They all look to you and expect great things of you-infinite wisdom, patience and love. To give these you must ground yourself in rest, calm and knowledge. So make the time for you. Carve it into your day. They will respect you more for it and as your time becomes a habit they will think you always took it. You are the anchor and they need you but most of all you need you. So mind yourself.


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