Posted by: Sheila | January 29, 2009

Acceptance-what if everything was just okay

Today, just try this. Everytime something happens tell yourself "what if everything is okay?"

When we do the right thing for the right reason and feel good about it then we can let go of the outcome. It will be okay. We need to have the faith that the older generation always go on about. We never really knew what they meant.

However, on a rainy day with young children and lots to be done I have often thought what will I do about this? Then I realise there is very little I can do so I think, I wonder how it will turn out and then something out of the blue turns up and everything is OK. The future is never how I imagine it will be. It is often totally unexpected but every time I have faith, God does not let me down. Even so, I keep having to remind myself in my busy life, everything is as it should be, all is well in the world and everything IS OKAY.





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