Posted by: Sheila | January 27, 2009

Live in a world of abundance or lack- You choose



If you think of all you don’t have, you feel poor. If you hanker after what others have, you feel envious. If you enjoy what you have, you feel great. If you are good to yourself within your boundaries, you start to feel abundant. It could be lovely: new soap, perfume, a meal out. Time with friends , a long bath. Whatever it is that makes your life feel enriched try to do it a few times a week. You can make your life seem so much better without changing anything. Just changing how you look at it.

You look at your life how it is and then look at it from outside . Realise all that is good and promise yourself to try and enjoy it. Savour the simple pleasures and live with a feeling of abundance. It is a lot nicer place to be.


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