Posted by: Sheila | January 25, 2009

On refinement and not repression



If, as a child, you felt a little repressed than you know what this means. It is all about stifling your feelings and pushing who you are down underneath because you think those around you are not able for you or do not want to know the real you.

Well, now you are all grown up and it is time to do a little fine tuning on yourself. It is time to recognise who you are and embrace all your traits even the negative ones. Then when you are ready think how the skills of the negative ones can be turned to a positive use and make an effort to change. I know it is hard. If you have been catty or bitchy or selfish for years, then it is almost fun. But it is only fun for a minute or two and then you feel bad.

However, this way you feel good for longer. Ask your Guardian angel to help you if you find it tough, she can remind you when you fall away sometimes, as you are bound to. This is fine so long as you try try try again like I do now everyday..


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