Posted by: Sheila | January 22, 2009

On reading



Reading is a great way to relax. Either out and about, on a bus or a train or in a library. Or for some of us at home when in the evening the house is finally quiet after the day. It is super to let your mind wander into a story and it is wonderful to inhabit a whole other world without even leaving the house. If you hanker after travel but it is out of your reach, then read travel magazines and travel books, get your subconscious working on it for you.

If you need escapism then read something light and fun. It is a great way to loosen up and switch off from the world around you.

There is nothing like a book that you can hardly put down and can look forward to picking up when you next get the chance.

Be careful though what you read. Try not to fill your mind up with negative thoughts even if you feel you must. On account of them your mind will be thinking about them long after you have finished reading. If you must, be informed, and remember that mostly only bad news makes the headlines in the papers.

Have fun with reading and realise that even if you have only 5 mins. to spare every day you can escape to your own place and let your imagination run riot. It is huge diversion and helps to wash away our worldly concerns to a much greater extent than TV because it is our imagination that has to do all the work. You can watch TV and think about dirty dishes or work commitments. With a book, if you are reading it, it has drawn you in.

If you can’t read books for whatever reason try the library for talking cds. It is lovely to fall asleep to Sean Connery or Mel Gibson as they read you some lengthy classic. It will give you that warm funny feeling inside and guarantee you relaxing slumbers.



  1. Yes, reading is indeed very important and I hope that today you are reading lots of Birthday cards. Happy Birthday


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