Posted by: Sheila | January 21, 2009

On sadness



Sometimes it is nice to be sad. Sometimes we need to embrace our mood, watch a soppy chic flick, eat chocolate or have a good cry.

It can be so much fun to curl up on the couch wrapped in a duvet and embrace our mood.

We learn to release our emotions and let it all hang out. Then, often after a sad movie or a good cry we feel so much better. We start to realise that nothing is forever and soon we will be happy again. Our lives are cyclical. Like the world they go round and round. Things can be going just great and then suddenly something hits us. We need to know that there is somewhere we can hid until it is okay to come out again.

Years ago I used to keep sunglasses in the car. I wore them every morning even in December. They helped me to prepare myself to face the world and to face the day. At that time my life was sad.

People told me to keep busy. That I had a duty to continue but I knew I was big sad. So after I had done my duty for the day to the world I would curl up and eat sweets, chat on the phone, or watch movies. The pain passed but only because I let it be. I did not deny it.

It is okay to be sad sometimes, as long as you know why and can help yourself feel a little better.

Obviously if its affecting you seriously and you think you might be depressed tell a friend or go see a doctor. But if you just wake up, it is raining outside and you feel sad maybe just for one day, see the family off, close the blinds get back into bed and mind yourself. After all it is just one day and you are worth it.



  1. Good that you don’t have to wear those sunglasses any more: as Bob Dylan says “The darkest hour is right before the dawn”.


    • I have always been a huge Bob Dylan fan and I have found that Neil Young and Bob can be very soothing when you are down. Delighted to say I have not listened to them in years now. Thanks for posting a comment.


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