Posted by: Sheila | January 18, 2009

You did what you had to do



As you move through January you are following the path of happiness and acceptance and love. Then you, like me, are now thinking about stuff that has gone before. When you are nurturing your inner self, your soul and your being then your mind generally glances over past times. Maybe there were situations that we would handle better now.

Well, it is over now and we did what we had to do. It wasn’t good or bad, it just was. So let it go. Forgive yourself and trust your instincts. You did what you felt was the best given the circumstances as you saw them. No-one else can stand in your shoes.

So though I say no regrets, I say too that now you have the tools that will enable you to lead a simpler life so it is going to be okay. The past is in the past, so leave it there.


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