Posted by: Sheila | January 17, 2009

On being wrong



The only thing that stops us from being wrong is that we just can’t bear it. Pride is the name. But if we put our pride aside for a little while we can be much nicer people. You know when you really think you are right and then oh dear you are wrong and you just can’t bear to admit it. Well it is great to be wrong because if we are wrong often enough we will not cling to being right and so we will become more flexible people.

People who are great successes in our world usually have three characteristics: vision, determination and flexibility. When they are flying along their path to success life always throws in something to throw them off course and they have to redefine their plan. They have to admit the original plan may have been slightly wrong. We may be just talking about a life plan or a forgotten supermarket purchase but it is the same for us.

Moreover, once we have admitted it it is not half as bad as you imagine, people admire us for our honestly and that makes us feel good again.


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