Posted by: Sheila | January 16, 2009

On difficult people



The most difficult people in my life are the most refreshing. Over time I have noticed the people you find it difficult to get on with, the ones who you would maybe sometimes like to avoid are those that surprise you and will do you the best turn out of the blue.

In every family or workplace there is always someone who is a bit of a trial. Maybe they are known to be short -tempered or scabby or inappropriate. We have to try so much harder when we are around them.

It’s easy to be around the others. The fact that this teaches us patience, understanding and all the rest: well we couldn’t care less, we just want a bit of peace.

Often I find myself thinking why can’t she/he be more like me. Big mistake, so silly.

Anyhow these same people will always surprise you if you let them. They might not give you a gift for years and then one day produce gorgeous beauty care or a lovely voucher. Whatever it is you are thrilled. Or they may throw you a surprise compliment.

Their random act of kindness is the best kind there is because they have no agenda. It just is.

Then you realise that they do care and just don’t express it how you would always like. They probably really don’t realise how much they annoy you.

Sometimes they are just so delighted when you chat to them and listen to what they have to say and that’s enough for them.

So next time your boss, brother, mother or whoever it is who is wrecking your head remember if they are still talking to you they care about you. And if you are still listening you do too and I reckon that’s all to the good, it is just sometimes hard to achieve. I never said this road was going to be all that easy.


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