Posted by: Sheila | January 15, 2009

On dreams



I  used to think dreams were just that. Passing the time while your body rested. But now I see my dreams for what they are. My dreams are my goals a burning desire to improve my life. It might be something simple like laughing more or something big like a new career but our dreams are important whatever they are.

I have tried novenas, meditation, mantras, positive thinking and now I am here. I have my goals written on index cards beside my bed. I have one in my wallet. I re-read them everyday. I am excited for when I will achieve them. It is crazy but if you read them enough you find yourself imagining them and then they start to become real for you.

I have trusted friends and I find they are great to share my dreams for the future with. Really good friends will help you to make your dreams come true. It is amazing how someone knows someone or something and it can all start to fall into place.

So get some dreams together or let them come back to the surface if they are already there. I am sure when you were younger you had many dreams and plans. I know life got in the way. Well this is your second chance.

So think of me in my little life propped up in our waterbed writing this and dreaming of holidays, homes, a car. They may not all happen like I imagine or at once, some may be tricky to get to but the journey trying can be so much fun I would hate to miss it.

Put down the keyboard, pick up the pen and get thinking.


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