Posted by: Sheila | January 14, 2009

On birds



When I was a little girl a robin used to visit our garden. Somebody told me that that meant that the garden was well balanced and bird friendly. So when we moved into our love shack (aptly named!) I set about getting a robin as a tenant.

Firstly, himself received a present of a bird table from his sister and up it went. We started with cute birdseeds in containers from petshops and poundshops but that was no fun. Then bincharges went up locally and someone told us they cooked spaghetti for their birds. We snorted with glee and promptly put the dinner out! Having young children there can be a lot of leftovers and the bin is pay per weight so when some sparrows nested in our roof one winter we felt we had a duty to take care of them.

We started with porridge, cooked chicken, potato things that we were keeping for the next day and forgot about. We now have two families of starlings who stay with us all year round, one family of sparrows, and some hooded crows who love the meat. They hate popcorn and raw meat and eat most anything else. If we forget to feed them they call us from the rooftop as we leave the house, least we forget.

Now this had all been going on for about five years when out of the blue the other day I saw one robin. It just sat and looked at me in our front room window. Our garden is very rustic, to put it politely. It houses a den, a shed and a boiler house, a campervan and two work in progress classic cars, but that day all I saw was the robin and even though you are now shocked at what goes on our birdtable I now know all is well in that world.



  1. it’s these small things that brings joy every day.Not the fancy cars or crazy gadgets


    • how true it is, if only we could remember that, life moves so quickly these days.


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