Posted by: Sheila | January 13, 2009

On birthdays


When I was younger, as a child or a young adult. I used to look forward to my birthday with glee. I imagined all I would get what would happen on the day and then excitedly look forward to the year ahead. As I got older after some disappointing days I began to be dreadfully all grown up about my big day. After losing some family members I almost began to dread it as each year meant they were further away and I was moving on without them. It took about 3/4 of these birthdays for me to realise (after looking at an old photo)that I used to love my birthday and so I should.

This year my mission is and I hope it is yours too that whenever the big day is WE WILL ENJOY IT. The first thing I am going to do is to book a day off work well in advance or if I am at home book a day away from all domestic chores What are you going to do?

I am going to arrange a nice day for myself with large gaps for big surprises and tell those close to me who care that I am really looking forward to it, no matter what happens. If people ask what I want for a present I am going to tell them rather than saying “peace”! and then being disgruntled when I don’t get lovely presents. I am going to buy myself a lovely treat and wrap it well in advance for my own private surprise. I am going to be grateful for all the gifts even the ones not wrapped, badly wrapped and the ones I don’t even want.

I am going to laugh, have fun and not get upset about another year.

Basically I am just going to relax.

I am not going to look in mirrors and count the new lines of my face.

I am not going to compare myself to others of my age and all they seem to have achieved and acquired.

I am not going to waste time thinking about extra flesh, gray hair and cellulite.

I am really going to try and have a laugh and laugh lots, dance around, eat cake , and be glad that I am getting another year here on earth. I hope you will join me at least in spirit I shall be thinking of you!



  1. Great!
    We have to learn to enjoy life, no matter what our age, or how much gray hair or laughter lines we have.
    Each laughter line tells a story!
    Birthdays are the perfect opportunity for celebrating and enjoying ourselves.
    Of course I’ll be with you in spirit!
    Happy Birthday!


  2. Thanks a lot, hope your birthday goes well when the time comes, thanks for commenting


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