Posted by: Sheila | January 12, 2009

On being true to yourself



It can be tough to be yourself. Especially if yourself is contrary to the norm (Whatever that is).

We are tempted to fit in and though a little compromise is no bad thing, we are all completely distinct from each other. I know that because every single fingerprint is different. Every face even in identical twins has some novel feature. And yet we all try and be the same to survive.

Well I say, be yourself you will live a good deal longer. If you don’t like going out with the work crowd, don’t go. If you don’t like barbecues, don’t go. At worst, you will become known as the one who doesn’t go to anything.

If you like ice cream in December, eat it. If you like wandering around your house in your underwear, do it. Don’t say you can’t. Don’t say if things were different. Just do it. It’s liberating. Be true to you. People will eventually respect you because if you like you then they will start to copy to fit in. In the same way if you criticise yourself and even if you don’t mean it, people will criticise you and think it’s okay. And if you don’t get a great reception and people try to upset you with their comments and try to put you back in your box, say to them that great phrase penned by my old friend Wayne Dyer “What you think of me is none of my business.”

And it isn’t.



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