Posted by: Sheila | January 11, 2009

On the common cold



They say that if you expect to get a cold every winter you will seldom be disappointed! And even though the cold is common it is extremely unpleasant.

So horrid is it that people often try to suggest it is something worse because they don’t think they will get any sympathy. A virus, the flu, and so on. (Virus- is the doctor’s catchphrase for I have no idea what’s wrong with you but I hope it is over soon.)

But you know there is almost nothing as consistently miserable as a cold. You ache like you’ve just done a workout, you’re groggy, your head hurts, your nose runs and your sinuses are all messed up.

You want cough bottle, hot whiskey and paracetemol to cure you but they all clash.

Your beloved asks what’s wrong and you mention the flu because you feel so bad it just might be. But no, it’s a cold. So you buy fruit and vitamins and for three or four days you stuff yourself. Then suddenly you start to feel human again and throw the tabs to the back of the press where they belong!

When I get a cold, which is rarely, I like to wander around in my dressing gown but if I could I would drag a duvet with me for extra comfort. We all want to be minded when we are sick and I am no exception. It helps with our recovery. I believe it is nature’s way of saying slow down hibernate a bit, relax, retreat and enjoy the peace for like it or not soon you will be well again.



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