Posted by: Sheila | January 10, 2009

Still feeling stressed



So now it’s been ten days and you are still feeling stressed. It seems that no one has the tiny worries you have. The worries that all joined up together race through your brain just as you are going to sleep or at four in the morning when you need the bathroom.

Well it doesn’t have to be that bad. While you are trying and doing very well at carving simplicity from all the madness, you are still holding on to the worries and stresses. There are so many items that you just can’t fix. So many entities that aren’t changing. You wonder how they will go. What will happen?

You know the old saying about having a chip on your shoulder. Well there is no need to carry yours around. It will only slow you down and distract you. You need a clear head so you can see the way forward. So when you get some quiet time, maybe outside drama or piano before the children come out. Or before your boss comes into the room. Or after everyone has just left in the morning. Whenever you have five minutes stop and imagine your two main problems in your head. Then think about a loved one who is gone ahead to the next life and ask them to help you. Symbolically give it to your loved one and ask her or him to pass it on and care for it as you have. Or just tell God or that Higher Power that the problem is too big for you and you can’t carry it anymore. Then take a deep breath and let if go.

Feel your body fill with warmth and joy and feel the genuine lift in you as you are released from your dilemmas. Now, I know they are not gone away, but you don’t have to carry them. Let someone else. Then you can concentrate on what matters and that is you being happy.


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