Posted by: Sheila | January 9, 2009

On being right



I grew up in a family of eight so being right was very important to me.

There was always something going on and we all liked to be right.

As I grew up I used to hammer my point home until everyone understood and knew I was right.

I have learned two very important things since then that you may already know or may find helpful.

Firstly it’s all about perception. Take a situation in any home and ask everyone in the room to explain what happened. Everyone has a different story. Or if someone robbed a shop and you asked for descriptions each picture would be completely different. In some small way everyone would have something right.

Well, life is just like that. Often we are all a bit right and though it can be difficult we should try and view the situation upside down to see it clearly.

The other exercise to do is to imagine you are one hundred percent right. You are so pleased with yourself. Well as a wise man said “instead of being right all the time practise being kind instead. “Try it.

I know, you are finally right and you just can’t wait. The adrenaline is pumping. But hold on, breathe deeply and just allow the situation be.

The other person will probably know you are right and know you know. They will be so amazed at your reaction it is bound to defuse the situation.

And most importantly you will feel much better and that’s what you want, Peace of mind.


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