Posted by: Sheila | January 8, 2009

On my eternal flame



Deep, deep, deep within my heart deep where maybe my soul is, there is a candle. Today I was having what my friend calls a lower self day and my candle was flickering a fair amount-I allowed some nonsense to feel like big nonsense and fill up my head. Like a fire going out I could feel my candle quivering.

In times of anxiety (Since I have discovered that I have this inner glow) I imagine my inner lamp and see it burning bright spilling over and radiating peace and lighting my mind. I immediately feel a little better. It is like the sun coming up. When it does I let the angels give me ideas and solutions and then things feel and are so much better.

The world and my world too can look half empty and half full in a second, the switch is like just that, a light going off or a light coming on.

But the flame keeps flickering. If you really love yourself I find you feel much better and your inner light can shine reaching far and wide.

If you get really good at it the light from your flame will last long after you are gone. You will be remembered as that shining light.

So don’t be like me and let stupid things get you down. Nurture your inner light, your eternal flame. It will keep you warm when everything seems cold and guide you through the unavoidable pitfalls of the day.


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