Posted by: Sheila | January 7, 2009

On spiritual food



Whether you believe in God, a Higher Power or nothing at all we all need spiritual food. A daily ritual of this ensures that when the world is turning too fast for us we have loads of reserves to dip into. Many of you are probably wondering what I am on about.

Well, we all have a spiritual path. A journey through life. Some of us are on our path, some are at the entrance and some way down the road. We often fall off but climb back on again. It is like you know when something is missing inside. You are generally happy well fed, well kept but something is missing. That is your spiritual food.

This food is as important as water to your well-being because the power of the mind is such it can make or break you. If you are believer in God then you may attend services and masses and this may sustain you. Or you may enjoy Internet prayer groups or choirs. Singing is a great way to praise a heavenly being. Or if you are shy or cannot get out for one reason or another you may just read or meditate. To meditate you must really quieten your mind so it requires quite a commitment. However it is a habit and comes with practice.

Me, I do a bit of everything. I go to mass weekly and ask for God’s help every day. I read lots of daily thoughts which I have dotted around the house and try to have a little quiet time where possible. This is easier said than done in my life but I do notice that when I am over tired or stressed I feel much worse If I have not attended to myself when well.

So go buy your spiritual food, potter around second hand book shops, libraries and look around your house. Or just buy a nice candle, light it, close your eyes and allow yourself to be fed from within.


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