Posted by: Sheila | January 6, 2009

Ephipany-Little Christmas


I always loved the idea of little Christmas and in some traditions this is the main day for giving and receiving presents. In my tradition, this is the day that the three Wise Men march finally into the crib. In our home they have been in and out of the crib all over Christmas with little fingers but last night they stayed out and this morning they were ceremoniously placed beside baby Jesus.

It is always a lovely time at Christmas with lights, stockings, the tree, the crib and so on. Nevertheless after today our homes will seem very bare , stripped of all the excitement and atmosphere. The weather outside is cold and a little bleak. We are just back at work or almost back at school or still working at home. So whatever the situation a year of routine is waving us on. We must regroup. We must celebrate the arrival of the men as we would any arrival. Light a lovely fire or open a nice bottle of wine. Today is an ending of the season of Christmas and the emergence of a new year. So think of your resolutions. Now is the time to really begin them. Let Christmas go and let Winter commence.

Rejoice that you made it through the holidays and pray that you get to do it all again, albeit less stressed next winter.


  1. I just learned that in Cork on this day the men take over the women duties in the home! Cf:


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