Posted by: Sheila | January 4, 2009

On happiness



I really want you to be happy. I know I have never met you and probably never will but I know what I do not like. That empty feeling of misery. You can have a great family, a roof over your head, a lovely partner but when you stop you’re not happy. When I say “you”, sometimes I really mean me. (People are usually talking about themselves.)

We are all so busy doing everything for everyone that when there is time like weekends, holidays, Christmas we often end up miserable. We are panicked by the slow moving hours and the time to think.

If you have good cashflow it is a little easier to busy yourself with shopping, eating out, cinema, theatre and the time can pass quite painlessly. If you’re tight for cash it can be quite hard. And eventually we all have to stop and face ourselves. Holidays with family are listed as one of the most stressful times of the year and Christmas is another. We live for them, expecting them to produce something themselves, we do not wind down to them. We run and then we stop and expect instant joy. Instead we often end up bickering, tired and disappointed.

Well, here are a few tips that I find really work so if you are looking back with regret, now is the time to look forward with enthusiasm.

1. I look in the mirror and tell myself that more than anyone I am not going to spoil this time for me.

2. I agree and pretend to always be in a good mood. (My brain doesn’t know the difference)

3. A trip to our local zoo or safari park can really help as it is so relaxing.

4. I do gardening! Its hard to be stressed with your hands in the soil, planting seeds, watching them grow.

5. I bake. No, its not work its like a meditation. I am all alone in the room with the radio or TV on or better still, silence. As I kneed and mix and weigh and stir I feel the creative juices return to my soul and by the time its cooked I feel whole again.

6. I light (or better still get someone else to light !) a roaring fire and sit sipping hot chocolate with fresh cream and a marshmallow. Its very comforting

7. I don my jacket, gloves, hat, scarf, and boots and walk or climb. I then remember how glorious the earth is, take in the air and feel truly glad to be alive.

8. I phone a friend. I have many different friends of contrasting ages from all different backgrounds. They are all angels in their own way. And all have been there for a girlie chat at just the right moment even though they probably never knew the significance.

Feeling unhappy is often also due to a lack of spiritual food, however. When you are really down you must first be cheered up before you go to work on this aspect of life.


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