Posted by: Sheila | January 3, 2009

On your dream day



Maybe you are just back to work and need cheering up after the Christmas break or maybe you are still off and can make this fantasy a reality or maybe you work at home and get no break either way. For most of us our lives are so full there is never a free blank day. And if there was would you know how to spend it? Where to begin. As you see I have given this some careful thought whilst changing nappies and totting calculators planning meetings & watching cbeebies!

Everyone has a dream day. And if you don’t set aside some quality time with yourself you will never find out what it is. Some want to go round the world in planes breakfasting in New York and lunching at Ascot with dinner in Paris. Very dramatic.

Others can’t wait to go to amazing exotic places and have huge adventures. Sure there is loads that I want to do and loads that I want to see. However for a dramatic day my dream day is surprisingly simple.

It’s a dream day so I can make it as perfect as I like so indulge me. In this dream my family is perfect, the weather is perfect, and by the end of the day so am I! No dirty laundry, unwashed floors or soiled dishes: everything is just as it should be.

In anticipation of the early start I retired early the previous night and awoke or was awoken at 7.45am to the music of “Bring flowers of the rarest” a favourite tune of mine which holds special memories.

My imaginary maid had thrown open the blinds and a window for morning fresh air and greeted me with freshly picked scented wild flowers, piping hot tea, freshly squeezed juice, a bowl of cereal, loaf bread with melting butter & marmalade with no bits on a white tray with a napkin and of course a teapot and milk jug. The song finishes and I sit up and settle myself in my pillows. My clutter free room (its a dream I hasten to add!) is newly painted and greets me like the dawn-fresh and beautiful . After breaki I step into a perfect temperature bath of Ylang Ylang and sandlewood with a soft cushion for my head. Scented candles and silence reigns. The white fluffy towels rest easily on the heated towel rail. Outside I hear the starlings chirping as they eat from the birdtable and a robin smiles at me through the open bathroom window. I meditate in the bath and arise relaxed and rejuvenated sometime later eventually stepping into comfy slippers and the cosy bath robe.

Once dressed, (make up and all) I go downstairs and sit in my sunroom reading and writing staring out onto my lovely garden. At lunchtime I stroll down to a local restaurant, sit at my favourite table and meet with a good long term friend. We have a leisurely chat, a few glasses of wine and I arrive home by taxi several hours later. Then I take a small nap in my waterbed surrounded by white cotton sheets and am awoken to chilled water with lemon at about 5pm.

I spend the next hour and half getting ready and at 6.30pm I step into a taxi. I meet my entire family for dinner at 7pm. We all sit at one table about twenty of us. The atmosphere is lovely, the craic great, the toasts hilarious and I pick up the cheque.

That night before I go to sleep I say a prayer of thanks for a lovely day.

Now that’s a start so get thinking, what would you do, where would you go? The wise among us tell me your dream day tells a great deal about who you want to be and where your heart’s desire lies so let your mind really wander in peace and see what you come up with. You may be surprised at what’s in there and at what you leave out.


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