Posted by: Sheila | January 2, 2009

On being grateful…



I find it hard to be grateful a lot of the time because everyone else seems so much happier and better off than we are. Dipping into their lives they seem cool and interesting and in return our lives feel dreary and monotonous. We wonder how they come to have something we think we should have. We often sneer at them in our thoughts to make ourselves feel better.

But here is the secret.

Even if you have nothing, be grateful. I learnt this the hard way. Even if you had to get a book from the library because you couldn’t afford it then be grateful you are getting the chance to read it. Be grateful if you slept, ate, washed, loved or enjoyed anything today. Every time you are grateful it makes you think of the thing that you are grateful for. And everything you think about gets bigger in your head. Try it -it really works. Just be grateful for five things today everyday morning or evening. If it has been a rotten yuckie day then be grateful it is over. Be grateful to sleep, be grateful it wasn’t worse and be grateful there is a tomorrow. Be grateful for now. If your car is broken be grateful you had one. Try this as long as you can and after just a few weeks you will notice a definite shift in your life, as your brain expands into that for which you are grateful. I find it helps to write it down so I keep a notebook by the bed and on days when I feel really down and ungrateful I read the old gratitude’s and I am all cheered up.

Try it, starting today.

It’s like magic, except it really works.


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