Posted by: Sheila | December 31, 2008

On New Year



It can be so depressing. All that our with the old and in with the new nonsense. I like the old. I like older people, they are very interesting. My children think I am old! I like old movies-I love the outfits and simple plots not ones where you nearly have to make notes to understand what is going on in the film.

I like old friends where you don’t always have to explain from the beginning. So you see the ole “out with the old” can be exasperating.

“In with the new” well unless you have a new car, new house, new holiday to look forward to then we all start to feel quite sad. We stare ahead in a most unhealthy manner and forget what all the great and terrible thinkers teach us about living in the now.

We do not know what’s going to happen and often see it as a bleak re-run of the past. Completely forgetting that we had little control over that either.

In our small town at midnight all the people come out of their houses and bang the pots and pans. The first year we thought it was a bit silly Now we cannot wait. We clank and bang like there is no tomorrow . Because maybe there isn’t. TV is always silly on New Years Eve which is no bad thing. But big noise at the dead of night is strangely exciting. We are all connected. Banging our drums. Then it is popping of corks, spilling of expensive champagne and that’s the pain over for another year. After all tomorrow is just another day.



  1. That’s an amazing tradition you describe, Sheila. Does it take place throughout the county or just in the town?

    Happy New Year!


    • I believe it only takes part in the old town as someone who lives in one of the new housing estates has never heard it or heard of it. That in itself is a shame, the fear being it would die out. Hope you all have a very Happy and Exciting New Year.


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