Posted by: Sheila | December 30, 2008

On letting go-Let go and let God.



It makes sense . The year is drawing to a close. The evenings have closed in. We are all in hibernation. It is time to let the pain go. Whatever burdens we have carried for the year can now be released. Close your eyes, calm your mind, breathe deeply, imagine your problem as a big ball in your hands and say to God or whatever higher power you believe in:

This burden is too big for me to carry alone, so I hand it over to you. Please heal it and if it is your will return it to me. Amen.

One year I went with a friend to our local beach. We gathered up some pebbles and threw them into the sea, symbolically throwing away people and things that were affecting us. First we were silent then we shouted a bit. Then we wrote on paper things that were clogging up our heads and burnt them. It was very liberating. Whatever you do. Do it now. Release your mind and free it for a fresh start. A blank canvas. Tomorrow is New Years Eve and you positively want to enjoy it.


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