Posted by: Sheila | December 29, 2008

On silence



I always loved silence. I grew up second of six children so silence was a rare joy in our house. My favourite times of day are early morning and late evening and the sounds of silence. Birds, wind, breathing, the heating, distant cars, some one else’s TV far away. There is a real calm and rhythm to the stillness. I wish I could capture it, bottle it and sell it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love people and I love company. But when the world is quiet and at peace it stirs your soul and it is more difficult to be hassled.

Maria Montessori many years ago when she introduced her pre school method of teaching introduced the silence game. For just for a few minutes each day the children listen to the silence around them. She found she had much happier calmer children as a result.

My day is generally noisy and even if the home or office is not that loud, my brain is making up for it. At that moment when the chatter stops in my head it is like waves on an ocean, a summer running along a beach, a meadow on a hot day, it is peace.

Once I can hear my own breath I know I am still alive. I now will try to be calmer, less hurried and hassled. I appreciate the need to enjoy it on account of almost without warning I know soon there will be noise again.


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