Posted by: Sheila | December 28, 2008

That certain something



I remember years ago I was in a house with a lovely atmosphere. The walls seemed to come alive with real depth. It wasn’t really expensive or fancy yet it felt really special. The family was way more than two parents and three children. I always wondered what they had. My first house constantly felt very two dimensional and never seemed to have that all embracing feeling that you can get in other places.

For years I tried to work out what it was in my head. That secret ingredient. I put up shelves, throws, pictures, de cluttered, re decorated with the seasons, but nothing made any difference. Years passed.

One evening, last summer, we had some family over for a bar b que and as we sat huddled around our patio heater in the may evening sun it hit me. Love. Time, well grown, outstanding love. That was what that house had. Our home presently is in need of updating and renovation in many ways, but it is also a magnet for long relaxing evenings and fun summer days. Lots of happy memories live in our walls and laughter echoes in the rooms. It has taken years but finally we have it and love and not interior design turns out to be the answer.


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