Posted by: Sheila | December 25, 2008

Christmas Day



A day of great celebration and tradition not exclusively for the religious. It is a day of parties and presents, of meeting up and drinking up. There is great joy today for many but not for all. Many families are fragmented around the world today. Many are torn apart by death, anger and loss. Many are lonely satellites orbiting the hours and hoping that the long day passes quickly.

Try today to open your heart and welcome one and all as best you can on this one day. Everyone wants it to be perfect. No family is. We just take what we can get and we have simple fun.

Do not expect too much today. Over hype and perfectionism can lead to exhaustion and irritability and thereby spoil the day.

In some ways it is just another day and it is easy to loose sight of that. In another way it is a great and awesome day, Jesus’ birth. In another manner it is a delightful chance to make peace with ourselves, to bury our hatchets and to open our doors.

Today, and for this season broaden your mind and open up the heart of your little new family, whatever that may be. Embrace family, friends and foes alike. Put your arm around your world and welcome it in. Feel the warmth it brings and worry not if the table setting is slightly off, your gravy is lumpy or if brother is a little drunk.

Today has a magic all it’s own. Today is a climax of preparation, anticipation and much hard work. Absorb the magic and spirit and let it work on you. Open your heart and your home today and let the light in. God bless.


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