Posted by: Sheila | December 24, 2008

On Christmas Eve



Thursday is my favourite day of the week & today is my favourite day of the year because. It is just before. I love the atmosphere, the excitement, the adrenaline, the expectation.

If you have children or if you do not, you still remember Christmases past, good and bad and we all hope that this one will be special.

We usually go to mass on Christmas eve as tomorrow will be too fraught and busy with relatives and cooking and craic. Then we go home and cook the turkey the night before. Invariably, although we promise we will be more organised, each year we end up wrapping presents and sorting preparations until late that evening and fall into bed exhausted and excited.

For me, the magic of Christmas has not faded with age. Some Christmas Eves I have spent alone, some with family, some with friends. They have all been special.

I love looking into shop windows at fantastic displays, winding up musical boxes, shaking snow globes, staring into pretend snowy villages and generally immersing myself in it all.

In our house we have lots of lights, a tree and a crib. Our crib (Nativity tableau) though old and worn is a proud piece of our festivities and holds a pride of place.

Some would say that my child-like love of this season is silly or immature. For me as I sing the corny Christmas songs in my car, I feel good inside, I feel hope, I feel wonder. Somewhere inside, I hope that today I shall be surprised that Santa will know what I secretly want and produce it for me.

Even though I know I will be overtired, that family life will be stressful as we all try to have everything just perfect Even though I know the snow on my windows is fake, the feeling in my heart is real. I feel happy and whole and as I go to sleep tonight I pray that all little children (whatever age) will get a chance to feel like that even if only for an instant.


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