Posted by: Sheila | December 22, 2008


Greed can be all absorbing. It begins small but greedy,wanting all around you. We want what our friends have, what our neighbours have and so on.

Then the greed increases as we get a taste for it. Sometimes we over stretch, borrow, use up our chances, in our search to have it all. This is very dangerous. It is addictive. When we succeed in getting all we want it becomes very dangerous for our well being. This is because when we succeed in greed we loose something of ourselves on the way and though financially rich we will probably be emotionally poor.

Greed is what alcohol is for some. Once they start they just cannot stop. I think it is good to want things and important to do our best to succeed however we must be aware so as not to cling onto our wants and to make gods of them. If we do, then they have the power over us and we are lost, maybe for a long time.

So dream your dreams, want your wishes but always beware of greed.

Watch for the signs

Beware a ruthless need to have it no matter what the consequences.

Green eyed determination that is not for your greater good or those around you.

Seeing the possessions of others and wanting them even though you have your own.

Over-stretching your budget in all directions to enable you to accumulate more of what you do not have.







  1. Very timely post, Sheila, when we see the greed of our bankers and brokers having caused so much damage!


  2. That is a fact Fin, it is incredible what they did and how little they cared, very cautionary.


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