Posted by: Sheila | December 20, 2008

Beware the tiny decisions



Feeling overwhelmed at this time of year is quite normal. When we were younger we felt very excited however as we grow older we realise that an array of work and time and effort goes into producing a special season. This result is assisted by money but especially thought, love and time are the main threads that pull it all together.

I often feel very hassled by now.I am panicking that nothing will be done on time and everything will fall apart. I make the lists and mark the items off as I achieve them. I include day to day items on the list as it is equally as important to ice a cake, as to wish someone good luck for an exam or job interview.

We often look at “busy people and marvel at how they do it. Our day seems to have less hours. Well , here is the thing .It is not that they get up at 5am (though some do!) it is just how they fill their day.

Life is full of choices. The big choices require big thoughts. What job will we pursue, what job will we accept? Shall we move home or strive to own a bigger place or any place? These decisions are discussed and analysed and decisions are reached.

Beware the small decisions. To go to bed early or stay up late for a movie and be exhausted all the next day. To eat a half a pack of biscuits, feel good for thirty minutes and miserable for three hundred. To flick the stations and let hours pass and lose an evening. To aimlessly surf the net thinking vaguely of what we need to do. Hours are wasted, wishing, thinking, musing over our lives instead of using every moment to make it better, more productive and more enjoyable.

Too many lists can be very stressful. Too much doing can be very counterproductive. Yet a small amount of planning and a constant watch on the little things can lead to infinite joy. Take an hour this evening and run a nice bath or give yourself some down time. Tune out the coming weeks and rejuvenate yourself privately in whatever way you find relaxing. Notice the small choices you make and change them. Every small choice is a stepping stone to the big picture. It doesn’t have to be dramatic just tiny, positive and self-loving. Take time to make yourself a nice lunch. Plan your dinner. Cook the night before if it helps to save time. In short, mind yourself. The season of Christmas though fun, exciting and full of go, can equally be exhausting, stressful and expensive if not planned for appropriately.

So, go and put your feet up for ten minutes and see what the month holds and do not leave it all until the last minute.


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