Posted by: Sheila | December 19, 2008




I went to collect a family photograph today. You know the type of situation. Everyone extraordinarily tense, all stressed out and then trying to smile endlessly as they take shot after shot. Well, this was no exception. I had been strung out that day worrying about hair neatness and clean clothes and happy faces.

I need not have worried. When the photographer handed me the photograph he himself smiled. We look very funny, all smiling and happy, apart from the youngest who looks a little bewildered at best. But we all look like ourselves. It won’t win any awards but it captures the jumble that is us, our little family.

Family, whatever sort you have, is something to be cherished. In life sometimes there seems like nothing you can depend upon but the great thing about family is that whatever happens no matter how bad it gets, in the end they are still your family. Now it might take years to sort out but if you believe in your family and make the effort it is always worth it.

So tonight I am hanging a funny picture of five odd looking people proudly in my hallway. It is my family and I love them.


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