Posted by: Sheila | December 18, 2008

Sheila’s Village



This year, for the first time, I have started my own village. I have always wanted to create my own world and I have gotten no nearer my ideal well lit fully furnished dolls house so I have started with my village. It is not as dramatic as is sounds. It is quite simple really. It has a shop, a restaurant, a house, a church and so on, people skating and others carol singing. I have put the model out in our front porch so that all the visitors can admire it. When early evening comes it lights up. I love it. Though it looks like a snowy scene it is actually mounted on an old kitchen door but I am so happy with it that I do not care. I its tiny but appropriate. I could sit for hours by it’s light fully emersed in it’s wonder.

Often at this time of year many of us feel a little down. The days can be cold and dreary wet and rainy. The lack of sunshine and daylight can make some of us feel really despondent. Those with severe symptoms may be tested for SAD syndrome, for the rest of us the Christmas lights are the perfect pick me up.

So, at the front of my home I have a village and two snowmen and an angel all lit up to welcome me home. Outside my kitchen window I have a larger snowman and a garden covered in lights. Sounds extreme, tacky even. Well, for me, I have noticed that when I work in the light, I walk in the light. Life since these lights went up has been much cheerier and warmer. My brain now knows that Christmas is coming and with it (along with a lot of hard loving labour) fun, laughter, cheer, get togethers and time. And if it all gets too much I can wander into my living room and loose myself in our Christmas Nativity scene, lit incidentally with a small red bulb!


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